Talmine Beach and Harbour

The Harbour at Talmine has a slipway suitable for launching small boats but it is very long and very steep.

You often see people fishing from the rocks and as the harbour is normally very clean and sandy, it has been known for people to swim there when it is quiet, often using the harbour wall as a launching site when the tide is in!

Talmine & Melness off A838 On west of Kyle of Tongue. There is space to park at Talmine Pier, a beautiful spot at the far end of Talmine Beach with views out towards the Rabbit Islands in Tongue Bay. Nestled below the bleak moorlands and low crags of Ben Hutig, Talmine is a wee gem with its scattering of sturdy cottages and white sandy beaches. Small harbours, views and seals lazing on the beach with shelters a handful of small fishing boats and a sleek little yacht or two. It is all very understated, tranquil, and largely unknown.

The rocky outcrop that forms the end of the harbour is studded with black and ruby garnets!

The beach is a beautiful sandy beach with a couple of ship-wrecks, one much more modern than the other.

There is a camp-site which overlooks the beach.

Contact Info

Tongue, Melness And Skerray Community Council
C/o Mrs P Gunn, Cornhill,
Tel: (01408) 635373
Email: davi…@highland.gov.uk


Tongue, Melness And Skerray Community Council
Talmine Lairg, Melness by Tongue,
Sutherland IV27 4YP
Scotland, UK

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