Going Places Leisure Travel Limited

Address Going Places Leisure Travel Limited, St. Nicholas Centre, Aberdeen AB10 1HW , Scotland, UK
Telephone: (0870) 853 0596
Website: http://www.thomascook.com/going-places/

Part of the Thomas Cook Group of companies since 2007, this exciting new development means that we can offer our customers even more travel choices and holiday discounts on thousands of holidays, flights, hotels, cruises or indeed a mixture of all these!

As one of the biggest and most popular High Street travel agents in the UK, Going Places is a well-established part of millions of holidaymakers’ lives. The objective of everyone at Going Places is quite simply to bend over backwards to help our customers fulfil all their holiday expectations, at a low price.

As you’d expect, Going Places staff are travel experts, but that’s not all – all our staff are trained to ask intelligent questions in order to help the customer make an informed decision about what they’re really looking for.

Obviously different customers have different holiday needs, and whereas a bargain holiday to the Maldives might be the perfect holiday for one person, the next customer’s dream holiday may be our best ski deal to Austria. It’s far more important to us at Going Places that all our customers buy the right holiday for their specific needs, and it’s that extra effort that brings people back to Going Places every year.

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