The Burke and Hare Murder Tour

Address The Burke and Hare Murder Tour, Meeting point outside Edinburgh’s High Court, Lawnmarket Royal Mile, Edinburgh EH1 2PE, Scotland, UK


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The Burke and Hare murders (also known as the West Port murders) were serial murders perpetrated in Edinburgh, Scotland, from November 1827 to 31 October 1828. The killings were attributed to Irish immigrants William Burke and William Hare, who sold the corpses of their 17 victims to provide material for dissection. Their purchaser was Doctor Robert Knox, a private anatomy lecturer whose students were drawn from Edinburgh Medical College. Their accomplices included Burke’s mistress, Helen M’Dougal, and Hare’s wife, Margaret Laird. From their infamous method of killing their victims has come the word “burking”, meaning to purposefully smother and compress the chest of a victim.As you visit ‘The Burke and Hare Murder Tour’, you may find interest in following listings . . .

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