Celtic Trails

Address Celtic Trails, 22e Station Road Roslin, Edinburgh EH25 9LR, Scotland, UK

Telephone: +44 (131) 667 8510

Fax: +44 (131) 4482714

Website: http://www.celtictrails.co.uk/

Jackie Queally has been interested in the healing power of energies and has taught reflexology and the ancient art of dowsing ley lines for many years. She is a very experienced teacher and healer of adults and has studied theology at post graduate level.

As a result of her keen interest in local myths and ancient hidden places, in 1999 she created Celtic Trails, a specialist tour company that offers outstanding, unusual and stimulating tours. The logo for Celtic Trails in Sanskrit lettering means “essence or source of wisdom”

According to one American “Scotsmaster” agent her tours are “a series of fascinating first class tours which are truly memorable learning experiences”. The tours are content led rather than mere sightseeing. Jackie feels that the conversations shared are as valuable as the sights seen, as the sites visited affect one’s consciousness and often can be very stimulating in hindsight.

In addition to her offering the original range of Rosslyn tours, she runs a wide range of unique day-tours and longer tours to early historic sites mainly in Scotland.

Private longer tours on themes such as the Knights Templar, Druids, Celtic saints, Merlin and Arthur are also available to individuals and private groups.

On occasions, Jackie uses other local knowledgeable guides who ensure that your interests are met. You are also welcome to book private “normal” sightseeing tours also, run by excellent local guides.As you visit ‘Celtic Trails’, you may find interest in following listings . . .

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