Birmingham car breakers

Address Birmingham car breakers and car parts, Unit 1 Watville road industrial estate Smethwick , Birmingham B66 2NT,
Telephone: 0843 2895685 Fax: 0871 559 4181

Midland Auto Breakers is a fully licensed car breaking facility. We are specialist car breakers situated in the heart of Birmingham. We also supply used car parts nationwide. We have a wide range of car parts available for sales at cheapest available prices in the market. We do not only break vehicles rather we recycle them in our environmental friendly facilities and treat the waste to minimize their effect on environment. We also buy scrap cars and turn end of life vehicles into instant cash for you. We are known car dismantler and used car part dealer (seller) in Birmingham and we have a wide variety of dismantled car parts available for sale for all makes and models in our compound, ready to be delivered nationally and internationally. Although we sell car parts for all cars but we are specialist in German cars??/?(fill it with brands that sell more) We have the experience of supplying used car parts throughout the world and you can count on us for the safe delivery of all orders you make online or on the phone with us. We do not refund cash for returned parts rather you will be issued a credit note, so you can buy another used car part later on. We provide quotes for following every day to hundreds of customers throughout the UK. • Used Car parts • Used Gear Boxes • Used Car parts • Used Gear Boxes • Used Engines

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