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Plug in to the future of motoring

The future of motoring is electric –and north Renault main dealer Ness Motors is embracing the technology with total commitment.

Renault is leading the way with volume plug-in electric- only cars and light vans and have a significant range available alongside its more conventional fossil fuel powered models.

It started with the Kangoo ZE light van and rapidly extended into the family car market first with the Fluence ZE four-door saloon followed by the Twizy fun two-seater and to be joined later this year by the ZOE ZE compact five-door family hatch.

It’s quite a breakthrough and proves plug-in electric recharging works efficiently, and cheaply, across a wide range of applications from local delivery tasks to fun motoring and family duties. The headline grabber model is the Twizy –an unashamed urban fun-vehicle with space for two people in tandem that is small and drives brilliantly on its compact four-wheel platform.

The Twizy is available in three trim levels starting with the Urban at £6,690 before moving on to the Colour at £6,950 and finally the Technic at £7,400. These prices don’t include the rental of the battery which makes Ness Motors’ monthly battery-inclusive deal package the way to get on the road.

The Twizy Urban can be buzzed away for a deposit of just £159 followed by monthly payments of £159 over four years that includes the cost of renting the battery pack.

Twizy is agile, fun, easy to drive, cheap to run and quick off the mark with simple gearless forward transmission whose only complication is are verse cog.

Ness Motors has Twizy in stock with a lot of interest from people looking for some affordable urban motoring transport with the emphasis on fun.

At the other end of the scale is the Fluence ZE –a roomy four-door electric-only plug-in family saloon that’s produced in two trim levels starting with the Expression +at£17,495 and the Dynamique at £18,395. Both share the same simple electric motor traction system that’s got plenty of pulling power and is easy to recharge at home or anywhere that a13-amp socket can be sourced.

Like the Kangoo ZE and new ZOE five-door hatch, the Fluence ZE qualifies for the government’s £5,000 Plug-in grant which has reduced the cost of going electric to those stated above and makes rental agreements affordable and simple.

A Fluence ZE Expression +from Ness is available for a deposit of just £329 for an Expression +and 48 monthly payments of £329. This easy monthly cost includes the rental of the car’s battery pack.

When the stylish ZOE five-door arrives this autumn it will offer the same agile urban performance as the Fluence and will be sold with a prize tag of £13,650 once the government’s £5,000 is subtracted. The only additional cost will be the monthly £70 battery rental charge.

Also available is the Kangoo ZE all-electric delivery van.

Like all electric vehicles the Kangoo develops lots of torque from its electric motor making it ideal for deliveries.

The commercial application makes as much sense as the family and fun models and costs £13,592 (plus VAT) with a monthly battery rental of £66 (plus VAT) to get you on the road to green motoring.

Renault is aleader in electric technology and its dealers are fully staffed with technical and support staff to ensure customers are kept reliably on the move with this pollution-free power.

For full details of Renault electric technology and vehicles drop in on any Ness Motors branch and get behind the wheel of this silent revolution.

Prices mentioned here may vary, confirm with Ness Motors by calling or visiting their web.

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