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When you combine two individuals with a formidable force of energy, enthusiasm and expertise you create: SkillStore, a new training firm based in Inverness that has plans for rapid expansion.

SkillStore Ltd formerly known as Illuminatus Ltd is the brainchild of Janice Douglas and Catherine Sutherland. Janice is well known throughout Scotland as a highly entertaining and professional trainer who has delivered several well attended courses in training design and delivery.

She is a member of the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development and also a qualified assessor and verifier of SVQs (Scottish Vocational Qualifications). Janice has trained over 1,000 assessors and verifiers, and provides easy to use prescribed portfolios much to the delight of her candidates.

Catherine is a highly-experienced and educated multi-award winning manager. She has a passion for learning and greatly enjoys delivering lectures to management students of the University of the Highlands & Islands as well as working with individual managers in the private sector. She is also a fellow of the Chartered Management Institute.

Both are highly motivated to design and deliver training that is of the highest possible quality, that meets the training needs of all clients, and, that people find fun.

Janice and Catherine combine specialisms in training and development along with management and leadership; both are areas crucial for the future prosperity of the local economy and of the UK as a whole. Their aim is to work with individuals and organisations to help them gain 1improved skills, knowledge and qualifications. They also provide HR support to help organisations deal with people problems or achieve a better work-life balance.

Training and development director Janice Douglas said: “We are extremely focused on our mission to lead, develop and inspire everyone that we meet professionally.

“We’ve all been on training courses that were purely a tick-box exercise and we know how infuriating those can be. We will deliver bespoke training using a range of different techniques that we can guarantee will inspire. We know that some people are what we might call ‘wounded learners’ in that they’ve had a negative experience before, perhaps at school or in the workplace. We can’t emphasise enough that everyone is capable of learning; it’s a matter of identifying and accommodating how they learn best. For example, some people enjoy discussion, some prefer to write, some like to sit and listen, and many prefer a combination!

“To suit needs we will use a variety of training methods including blended learning [as above], distance learning, and one to one coaching.”

Managing director Catherine continued: “SkillStore has four key areas of business: open workshops, bespoke training and development, qualifications, and organisational support. Janice and I know that there are flexible options for delivery to ensure you can gain a qualification at a time and in a way that suits.

SkillStore will also be delivering an affordable range of taster sessions through open workshops (anyone can attend if they book in advance). These will cost in the region of £99 per person. Details are available on their website and include subjects in management and leadership as well as “soft skills” such as communication and assertiveness.

SkillStore Ltd is already in active discussion with a potential partner to create a unique centre dedicated to developing higher level skills training for the renewables sector. This Renewable Energies Academy (REA) would be the hub for offshore wind technology. The vision is to develop it further to create a world class training, research and development centre based in the Highlands.

The firm is confident that creating a dedicated facility to meet the training needs of the renewable market would enhance the potential of further mass job creation in the area. SkillStore Ltd aims to bridge the national skills gap, and provide a hub of expertise for young people looking to enter the industry. It would also serve employers looking to up-skill their current workforce.

The company aims to tap into the vast expertise that is already present in the Highlands, and to work with employers to deliver huge benefits to the local economy through enhanced employment and training opportunities.

All training and development is built to suit company budgets and time available. To find out how SkillStore can inspire and motivate you or [your workforce call Janice or Catherine now on 01463 250060.

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