Well Intervention Consultancy service provider Coilserv is one of six of the best for support company.

Coilserv’s Alness location was deliberately chosen to allow room to expand

A commitment to expertise and excellence has set a Highland based company for success as it enters its sixth year of trading.

The private limited company provides a range of specialist services by outsourcing assigned tasks and contracts to a pool of highly dedicated and motivated individuals.

Managing director Norman Hollister said: “I’ve had the opportunity to work alongside industry experts and I could see vast opportunity to pool these contacts so now I can offer the best on a global scale.

“Because we work worldwide we encounter many different cultures and many different ways of working. What’s acceptable in Inverness is not always acceptable in Saudi Arabia for example. Knowing how to act professionally and respectfully is crucial to the success of Coilserv. Therefore I know each and every consultant on a personal level. I know how they will act in a potentially volatile environment.

“I know that they will be calm in a crisis, and that they will take time to consider the very best possible outcome in every situation. Therefore, when I receive a request for a consultant I’m in a position to assess who had the relevant expertise, and who will adapt and fit in personality wise.

Coilserv can provide support in the following services:

  • Well site supervision
  • Coiled tubing interventions and engineering support
  • Thru-tubing
  • Specialised fishing operations
  • Slick line operations
  • Well site supervision in all aspects of well intervention activities
  • Completions
  • Drilling and work-overs
  • Logging and packer services
  • Full details are available online

We had a situation in Perth, Australia, last year where one of their wells had been offline for two years. We sent out a consultant from Inverness and he had the well back online within 12 days. This can partly be attributed to his specialist knowledge and the fact that he had access to field and office support throughout the job. Whenever we send anyone out they know that they have constant access to me, and that we can pool resources at any given time to meet the needs of our clients.”

Coilserv has worked to benefit clients in locations such as Europe, Saudi Arabia, Qatar , New Zealand, Vietnam, and Oman. North America and South America are a focus for the future. Norman still ventures out to the field if his skill set is the best match. He is otherwise at the helm of the company deciding how best to manage daily demand. He plans to build on the current success of the business in an increasingly sustainable way: “With turnover growing each year (seven figure sums made last year) we’re looking to steadily build on that and diversify where necessary to our expertise with the energy sector , and new opportunities within the Highlands.

“I am keen to recruit locally and to expand our office team so that we can grow the business. We have training plans in place for 2012–2013 to gain SQA certification to train local engineers.

“I’m originally from a small island called Eriskay on the west coast, and I chose to establish the business in Highlands because I know that there is a strong and viable oil and gas presence here. Longer term we will consider having more bases in Aberdeen, Middle East, and Far East to service our expanding business line, but for now our Highland base serves us well. We’ve recently joined Energy North to improve our prospects and make stronger links with other local firms in the same industry.

“Key to our success is our desire to provide the very best service. Our mission is to consistently deliver a high quality, tailored and professional service through our experienced, knowledgeable and committed resources. We can also provide office engineering and administrative support.

“We chose to set up a modern and state of the art office based here in the Highlands so that we are operating professionally and efficiently. We have deliberately chosen a location with room to expand, and we’re confident in our abilities to do so.

“We’re quite unique in many ways because the majority of the oil and gas related companies in the area are specialists in the early stages of fabrication and we tend to come in at the opposite end of the spectrum. Of course, this means that there are many opportunities for us to forge strong working relationships with local firms.”

For more information about Coilserv contact the office on 01349 800340 where the team is always happy to hear from you.

‘Key to our success is our desire to provide the very best service’

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