Pure Energy Centre

Address Pure Energy Centre, Unit 3 Hagdale Industrial Estate, Baltasound, Unst Shetland, ZE2 9TW, Scotland, UK
Telephone: +44-0-1957-711-410 Fax: +44-0-1957-711-838
Website: http://www.pureenergycentre.com

Finding the right renewable solution for your needs

Most people assume that any renewable energy project is easy to develop and install. The reality can sometimes be quite the opposite.

Understanding where difficulties can be encountered when developing a renewable Project is therefore really important. The Pure Energy Centre has spent many years Working with individuals and communities addressing these issues. Its aim is to work with you to find the right renewable energy solution to suit your needs. Pride is taken in its unique set of products and services which allows the barriers to successful delivery of your renewable project to be removed.

The Pure Energy Centre has grown from its original platform of water electrolysis And hydrogen fuel cells to that of a fully integrated renewable energy solution provider. It is now a fully Microgeneration Certification Scheme (MCS) accredited installer and also member of the Renewable Energy Assurance Limited (REAL) scheme.

The Pure Energy Centre offers a range of renewable energy solutions for homes, Businesses and industry, helping reduce costs and emissions and provide long-term Investment opportunities. The company encompasses a comprehensive range of Skills and knowledge to make designing and the installation of renewable solutions as simple and effective as possible.

Staff at the centre are very pleased to have been awarded many contracts in Scotland and around the world. The Pure Energy Centre has supplied the engineering consultancy design, training and provision of hydrogen and renewable technology to a variety of high profile projects. Some examples include contract awards for Scotland’s lighthouse Hydrogen Office, the Comhairle Nan Eilean Siar world renowned H2SEED, the wind to hydrogen Morocco and Mauritania projects and its solar photovoltaic training course which was delivered to the heads of energy in Tunisia.

Latest innovative developments include the production of nitrogen and oxygen from renewables. These gases can be used for oilrig lifting, welding, in the food industry, hatcheries, inerting gas pipe, and other applications.

Do not hesitate to contact the Pure Energy Centre on 01957711410 for further information on its wind,solar, biotype product and hydrogen oxygen and nitrogen gas production systems or visit our website.

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