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Being overweight seems to be the norm. Trying to lose weight is the fashion and there are no end of people telling you that you should simply eat less. Yet the genetic drive to eat is as powerful as the drive to breathe. It’s hard wired. Trying to tell someone to stop eating is the same as telling them to stop breathing. Genetics, life style and metabolism cannot be easily changed, but they can managed.

Responding to this growing need for effective and healthy weight management and also the problems associated with impersonal high street diets, a team of medical experts has launched two specialist Healthy Weight Clinics in Inverness and Aberdeen.

Aberdeen Surgical will provide its clients with a range of weight management solutions from behavioural, physical and dietary methods to surgical intervention designed to help people to lose weight the way they want to lose it, to fit their lifestyle and also to fit their wallet.

“Through our clinics in Inverness and Aberdeen we bring to Scotland a diverse range of proven, effective and healthy weight solutions that have been shown to work for a wide range of needs, lifestyles and weight problems.” said Professor Duff Bruce, visiting Professor at Robert Gordon University and a co-director of Aberdeen Surgical.

In Scotland, one in every four people is considered obese; whilst 60% of the population is overweight. Without help, these people will continue to gain weight and increase their risk of obesity related disease such as; Type 2diabetes, cancer, heart disease and hypertension. In addition, being overweight has considerable psychological implications including depression, low self esteem and social exclusion.

Recent NHS guidelines highlight substantial health benefits in achieving a healthy weight loss of 5-10% (5-10kg) in reducing overall risk of death as well as the chance of getting diabetes and high blood pressure.

“There are many diet plans and weight loss schemes available that can help to achieve weight loss in the short term but only a small minority are successful in maintaining a healthy weight in the medium to longer term.” said Mr. Ken Park, co-director of Aberdeen Surgical.

“It is this sustained loss of moderate weight over a longer period of time that is most likely to have significant health benefits. This is the first time that a range of healthy weight programmes have been offered to help individuals lose the weight that they want to lose and keep it off.”

The clinics, located at the Highland Research Facility in Inverness and Skene Medical Group, Westhill, will offer a wide range of solutions including Counterweight, liquid diets, pharmaceuticals, intensive medical assessment and weight loss surgery.
“The most important difference to the off-the-shelf solutions is the initial health and weight check.” said Bama Kumar, practitioner at the Aberdeen Clinic.

“By working with each person individually, we can make sure that the recommended programme has the best chance of working. This includes matching the right programme to each individual’s needs, their lifestyle and their relationship with food.”

Healthy Weight Programmes

  • Standard Healthy Weight Check
  • Premium Healthy Weight check
  • Standard Healthy Weight Programme
  • Standard Healthy Weight Programme plus Liquid Diet
  • Pharmaceutical Healthy Weight
  • Surgical Healthy Weight Programme

Launched in 2000 the Counterweight Programme is the only fully evaluated, evidence based, primary care weight management programme within the UK and has been commissioned by the Scottish Government as the preferred option for adult weight management in primary care.

The liquid diet programme is fully balanced in terms of nutrition, vitamins and supplements, whilst the drug treatment is provided, as with all programmes, under expert medical supervision.

Should more intensive weight loss be needed, then the clinics can also provide state of the art weight loss surgery, with a wide range of options, from bands and by passes to new state of the art technology such as EndoBarrier, which is a completely reversible form of by pass and Abiliti, a gastric pacing system.

“What we offer is private healthcare and personal solutions.” said Elizabeth Bruce, Health Weight co-ordinator.

“Every consultation is one to one with your own personal counselor and every solution matched to your needs. This is why we think that the Healthy Weight Clinics will be successful-we care for individuals, their needs and their lifestyles.”

For further information about the Healthy Weight Clinics and Aberdeen Surgical visit our website…

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