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The business world can often be an impersonal, even unfriendly one but Elgin-based CCL Consulting is planning to change all that.

Run by husband and wife team, David and Coralie Pickering, the business offers three specialist services: CCL Collections, dealing with business to business debt management; CCL Consultancy, a Commercial business service offering fundraising and commercial brokering; and CCL Commercial Sales, which specialises in commercial land and business sales.

But underpinning all three is the client relationship – finding out what the client wants, creating a bespoke solution that is most appropriate to their individual circumstances, and all achieved through a dedicated, local and personalised service.

“What makes us different is that we are local,’ David told, “Clients are receiving customer service right on their doorstep. We meet our clients face to face and we’re always available at the end of the phone if they need to speak to us. They’re not passed from pillar to post.

“It’s about relationship management and looking after your clients. That needs to be bespoke.”

Debt management is a fast growing area in the current economic climate and CCL can tailor a solution to suit each client’s requirements.

For example, a client may wish the business relationship to resume once the debt issue has been resolved, CCL can mediate between the two parties to reach a mutually agreed solution on the client’s behalf leaving them free to concentrate on running their business, CCLs service will dovetail into the end of a client’s credit control process and offers a cheaper alternative to a pure litigation approach. Where required CCL will manage the litigation procedure, but this is an expensive last resort.

But it is not just big business or chasing down large debts.

CCLs flexibility means that it provides services to a wide spectrum of clients, from those pursuing a debt of as little as £40 to sums of £25,000 or greater.

Explained David: “Whatever the client ultimately wants to achieve, we will adopt the most suitable approach. It may be the business can t pay its debts so we can look at developing a payment plan, or it could be they can pay their debts but won’t, and we can be more robust.

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