Strathpeffer Pavilion

Address Strathpeffer Pavilion, The Square Strathpeffer, Ross & Cromarty IV14 9DL, Scotland, UK
Telephone: 01997420124 Fax: 01997 421008

For Strathpeffer general manager, Andrea Muir, success is all about finding the right balance.

Having been in post for four years, Andrea and her team have worked hard to establish a firm footing for the venue and are poised to take it forward.

“Weddings, events and conferences are the scaffolding of the business which gives us freedom to move forward with other things.”

But it concerns Andrea that the Pavilion could become a victim of its own success.

Operated as a charity and social enterprise rather than a purely commercial business, the Pavilion also relies on donations, external funding and the support of the community to ensure it continues its contribution to the community – a fabulous venue that has created jobs and brought visitors to the area.

Added Andrea: “We don’t have to sell the Pavilion to agents and artists anymore. We’re a known quantity. People see the success and sometimes might wonder if we need their support. The answer is yes, we definitely do. We are successful but couldn’t do it without the support of our friends, patrons and many others.”

A big part of maintaining balance in a successful venture is continuing to move forward without neglecting the areas that brought success in the first place.

While weddings, events and conferences form the core of the Pavilion’s success, Andrea is also looking ahead, constantly striving to develop both the business and her own contribution to it.

Last year she participated in the Social Enterprise Academy leadership programme. Over the course of a year, participants undertake six, two-day sessions with other business people.

“It’s always a good idea to stand back, refresh and look at what you are doing from a different angle.”

“There is always something to learn from other people and their experiences. In business you never get to a point where you know it all.”

Added Andrea: “Although I had a clear vision of what I wanted to achieve I’m still surprised when it happens!
“Self-belief is hugely important and self-doubt can be negative but you have to find the balance between the two to keep you effective.

“I would hate to get to the stage where I wasn’t surprised any more. I still get that buzz when things go well.”

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