Bright Green Business

Address Bright Green Business, Moulsdale House, 24D Milton Road East, Edinburgh EH15 2PP, Scotland, UK
Telephone: 0131 603 5040

Bright Green Business has supported businesses across Scotland for over 30 years. It provides a range of affordable services to help grow your business, implement improved environmental practices and extend your business networks.

Progress your business in a short time

Student and graduate placements

Bright Green Placements offers your business the chance to engage with students and graduates of different levels throughout the year on short-term projects, lasting for between eight and 24 weeks. The Bright Green Placements programmes link Scotland’s most progressive businesses with ambitious, focused and highly-skilled students and graduates across the country.

A cost-effective environmental management system

Environmental management systems

Green Ticks provides businesses with the tools to demonstrate their environmental commitment. Bright Green Business can support you through implementation, inspection and maintenance of your environmental management system.

Increase your sustainable connections

Bright Green Business Network membership

The Bright Green Business Network is a Scotland-wide community of businesses, academics and graduates – all committed to improving and demonstrating their green credentials, whilst working together towards a low-carbon economy. The network keeps you up to date with the latest environmental practices and provides a platform to raise the profile of your business.

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