Scottish Ambulance Service

Address National Headquarters, Tipperlinn Road, Edinburgh EH10 5UU, Scotland, UK
Telephone: 0131 446 7000 Fax: 0131 446 7001

As the frontline of the NHS in Scotland, we provide an emergency ambulance service to a population of over 5 million people serving all of the nation’s mainland and island communities. Our Patient Transport Service undertakes over 1.6 million journeys every year, ensuring that patients are able to attend hospital appointments.

Our main role is to respond to 999 calls. We also provide a patient transport service to hospital for qualifying patients. We work closely with the police and fire services to deal with major incidents.
How we are performing

As a Special Health Board, we are set national performance targets by the Scottish Government. These targets are called HEAT and are designed to measure our performance against core priorities. In everything that we do, we seek to deliver a service that reflects the diverse communities in Scotland.

The Scottish Ambulance Service has its own Procurement team based at its National Headquarters in Edinburgh. The Procurement Team buys a wide range of Service-specific goods and services.

In this section you can find links to information about patient rights and responsibilities as well as important information about Health Associated Infections (HAIs). We take infection control very seriously and operate a number of measures to protect our patients.

The three emergency services in Scotland each operates, manages and maintains its own fleet service. The Tripartite Fleet Project Team is looking at collaboration across the services.

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