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Shetland-based digital marketing company NB Communication, which has established a reputation for building high-quality websites and providing a wide range of first-class online services, is expanding

Established more than 10 years ago by young graduates David Nicol and Magnus Bray, NB has its roots in the islands. But it has a growing notional presence – and a global outlook.

Now run by David, over the past year NB has grown in size from four to seven members of staff who are supported by a worldwide network of expert partners.

David said: “NB has designed and built more than 200 websites for a huge variety of clients, big and small, from every industry and sector.

“Our focus is entirely on making a website work for you. If your aim is to increase your sales, generate more interest in your company or improve your image, the NB team can help.

“But we do more than build websites. We create a digital strategy for you to ensure you get the online presence that meets your requirements.

“That way, we make sure we get it right first time and can work on continually improving your website. Ultimately, our services are about adding to your bottom line, not costing you money.”

He added: “We believe we do this just as well, if not better than, big city agencies, but with the degree of individual attention you only find with small companies.”

In keeping with a company that is always on top of the latest developments, NB now offers websites that feature “responsive design”, where the layout of the pages adapt according to the device on which they are being viewed. Sites appear differently on tablets and mobiles – with the content best fitting the available space, while retaining their essential “took”.

“With more and more people using mobile phones and handheld devices as well as PCs and laptops to view websites, it is important to maintain consistency of appearance.

“Responsive design is a smart solution -and typical of how MB goes about its business. We focus on issues think about them a lot and come up with solutions that work.”

According to David, after more than 10 years, MB remains true to its founding principles of helping businesses to be better by making proper and effective use of the internet.

The company started out in a small unit in the Shetland Business Innovation Centre and is now based in the Stewart Building in Lerwick.

The impetus for its creation came partly from a disappointing experience of David’s on a graduate placement scheme.

“The placement involved trying to build a website, but it became frustrating and long-winded because I kept changing my mind as I learned more,” he said.

“I thought about that a lot, and I realized that you had to understand the purpose of what you were doing much better. To think more strategically about a business, its website, its customers.

“This is at the heart of the company we founded.

“Rather than leaping in and creating visual design concepts at the very start of a project, we believe we need to begin by fully understanding a business and/or organization and assessing what their needs and aims are before we get to that stage.

“We emphasize strategy and planning up front, more I think than many design companies because we firmly believe that this is what gives us the best chance of providing a site that the client will truly benefit from. We only start building once we have a clear picture of what is required.”

NB Communication is currently undertaking projects for clients in Inverness, Aberdeen, Edinburgh and Glasgow, in addition to working with more than 100 clients from Shetland. You can visit the company’s extensive portfolio at nbcommunication.com

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