Appetite for learning

Appetite for Learning is an IT learning and data consultancy that delivers targeted, relevant training and consultancy for companies across the UK and beyond. With a truly people-centred, bespoke approach, Appetite can streamline your business and increase your profitability.

Set up in 2001, Appetite is run by co-directors Duncan Robbie and Sheryl Newman, both commercially focused individuals with bags of experience and knowledge – along with boundless enthusiasm.

Appetite has three key strands: change, learning and data.

The change strand of its business focuses on managing and delivering successful IT change programmes. Appetite is well known for its complete immersion in companies. It first makes sure it completely understands its client before communicating the programme to their employees, making sure everyone is on board.

Appetite’s learning arm is focused on tailored, relevant training for both bespoke systems and Microsoft packages. Again, Appetite works to really understand the learners’ role-specific needs, to ensure it designs and delivers targeted training that gets results.

With headquarters in Aberdeen and an office in London, Appetite works globally, either physically or remotely, adapting to suit its clients’ needs wherever they are in the UK or around the world. It is proud to have worked with clients as far afield as the USA, Trinidad, Egypt, Azerbaijan and west Africa. Although Appetite’s reach is global, it operates locally -immersing itself in local customs and working accordingly. For example, it delivered its work in west Africa in French.

The company welcomes clients of all shapes and sizes – whether they spend £S0 or £50,000, Appetite guarantees the same level of service and commitment.

Appetite’s vision is proving a huge success and it plans to rebrand later this year to reflect its evolving aims and focus on its three key strands of change, learning and data.

Fifteen months ago, it had eight staff, but now it has 21 and everyone at the company has strong business knowledge, genuinely understanding business needs, ensuring they deliver effective training and consultancy.

It is also extending geographically and by sector. The oil and gas industry has traditionally been Appetite’s main business, but it has recently expanded into many other industries including property, law and education.

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