Sai Gon Restaurant

Address Sai Gon Restaurant, 29 Crown Terrace , Aberdeen AB11 6HD, Scotland, UK
Telephone: 01224 213212

This highly respected Vietnamese restaurant brings a taste of south east Asia to the ‘Granite City’

Sai Gon is Aberdeen’s only Vietnamese restaurant situated in the heart of the city. Vietnamese cuisine has enjoyed a surge in popularity recently due to the healthy balance of its dishes. Not generally as rich or heavy as the cocoanut milk curries of Thailand or India, Vietnamese cooking uses subtle seasoning and herbs together with fresh vegetables and seafood to create light, yet extremely satisfying dishes.

The distinctive flavours that are found in Vietnamese food are due to the fresh ingredients that are always used and at Sai Gon they only use the freshest. Their excellent food and extensive menu has earned them a legion of satisfied customers and a high respected reputation in the Aberdeen area.

It’s not just the foods that keep the diners coming back again and again. They relaxed; welcoming ambiance in the restaurant and the informative and helpful staff all combine to ensuite a meal at the Sail Gon is an experience to remember.

Special Offers:

For a set price you can enjoy as many dishes as you want at Sai Gon. Traditionally, a Vietnamese meal is rarely divided into courses. All the food is served at once and shared from common dishes. It’s the perfect way to eat with friends – and you get to try a bit of everything!

Our Suggestions

Popular dishes worth trying include:

Pho Bo – Vietnam’s famous beef noodle soup

Vit Cuo N – Traditional Vietnamese dish of shredded duck with crunchy vegetables, served with pancakes

Gol Cuo N – Vegetarian spring rolls that are surprisingly low in fat



Mon – Sun: 12.00 – 2.00pm


Mon – Sun: 5.30pm – 10.30pm

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