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Currently on maternity leave from her job as a chartered physiotherapist, Alison Somerville recently set up Sewpumpkin. Mother to six-month-old Imogen, Edinburgh-based Alison has been sewing since she was a girl. Since her friends started complimenting her on her handmade bags and clothes, she’s been bitten by the crafting bug.

“After I became a mummy,” she explains, “I wasn’t 100% sure i’d want to return to work. So i decided to register as self-employed and open the business. That why I keep my options open but still have an income. I aim to build the business over the next six months, then either take the plunge and become a full-time WAHM or return to physiotherapy part-time while continuing with Sewpumpkin.”

Alison creates items including handbags, purses, make-up bags, change mats, wet bags, washable wipes, bibs and knitted baby shoes. “Balancing work and family has to be the biggest task,” she says. Alison sews while Imogen sleeps during the day and evenings, plus she sends emails, buys fabric and updates her website while breastfeeding.

“There are so many crafting WAHMs so you need to come up with a unique product or find other ways of making yourself stand out,” reveals Alison. She’s been careful to properly plan Sewpumpkin, from her products and pricing down to how she packages items. “I really recommend getting together with other crafty friends either in person or online,” she advices. “Having people who’ll offer honest opinions and give you encouragement is priceless.”

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