Knox Sports

Address 58 Whitesands, White Sands, Dumfries, Dumfries and Galloway DG12RS, Scotland, UK
Telephone: (01387) 251173

Knox Sports helps our corporate customers achieve ultimate marketing success by effectively negotiating and activating sports sponsorships. Positive results in business are achieved through a combination of branding, sales and ultimate consumer loyalty. There is no more powerful an ally than athletic marketing to make those goals a reality. Here is why Knox Sports is the only sports marketing agency your business should trust with your sports relationship.

Knox Sports is the sports marketing agency that has the expertise to attach the passion of sports and their fans to receptive corporations. This expertise is a result of almost 25 years of seasoning selling sports marketing in professional sports like the NFL; the NCAA, as well as in traditional sports media. The cost savings and execution in the negotiated packages we deliver to the client illustrate this experience. Our clients win because of what we know.

Time is money. Filtering through proposals requires time. Negotiating the sports marketing contract and arriving at a suitable offer takes time. Knox Sports saves clients time in both areas. Our clients refer all media and sports advertising representatives to Knox Sports so that, based on established marketing objectives, only appropriate corporate sponsorship proposals are addressed. Our clients understand that it is the role of sports marketing agencies to undergo the time consuming task of negotiating the corporate sponsorship packages from start to finish; providing the client with only the most fitting opportunity. This also allows the client to concentrate valuable time on other important projects.

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