Achentoul Estate’s Famous Cottage

Greamachory is famous too! Featured in the Sunday Post and titled “Uncanny Story of The Seven Rowan Trees at Kildonan” the story unfolds: When John McPherson and his family moved into Greamachory (approx 80 years ago) he planted seven rowan trees, one for each member of the family.

Each of the children claimed a tree of their own and as the years went by the trees grew tall and straight. When the eldest son left to fight in World War One and was killed in battle, his tree mysteriously died. When one of the daughters died at only thirty years of age, her Rowan tree also died. When another son, Hugh died, his tree too, followed suit and withered away. It seems that the trees were linked to each member of the family that had claimed them. As each family member died, so too, did their tree.

When the story was printed in the Sunday Post, there were two trees and two sisters (Margaret 87 and Annie 77) left. Now, sadly, all of the family are gone and so too are the rowan trees.

However, if you are looking for a Scottish ghost, you will be disappointed, this is one highland cottage where no ghosts have been seen!

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