Boat or Wreck Diving, Sutherland

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Rispond, Sutherland: Provides fairly easy launching for a light RIB, it is a private harbour so seek permission before using it.

Strathy point, Sutherland: Gullies lying almost parallel to the shore up the eastern side to be explored, as the point is approached the tides become more intense.

The Armed Trawler, Sutherland: Probably could be more accurately known as the dis-armed trawler as the gun was raised quite a long time ago. It is located south of Ard Neackie, the position on the chart is accurate enough to begin a echo sounder search.

The Harbour, Sutherland: For a long shallow sheltered dive this is hard to beat, Numerous cracks and gullies give the feeling of cave diving but with the added benefits of lots of light and a clear surface, try it, be pleasantly surprised.

Eilean nan Ron, Sutherland: The island’s name being Eilean nan Ron and was about two miles off the coast, north of a small fishing village called Skerray which in turn was north of Tongue, a few miles from the main road, the A838.

Farr Bay, Sutherland: Farr Bay is beautiful surroundings in the village of Bettyhill in the Scottish Highlands.

Laid, Sutherland: Laid township is an intact souterrain on the west side of Loch Eriboll, North West Sutherland.

Neave Island – The cave: A shallow cave, mainly with clear surface runs into the north west of the island.

Rabbit Islands, Sutherland: The Rabbit Islands are a group of three uninhabited small islands off the north coast of Sutherland.

The Trench, Sutherland: The Westernmost part of the island is a huge lump of conglomerate which appears to lean against the main island, leaving a channel between the two.

Whiten Head, Sutherland: Prominent white stacks at the North East entrance to the sea loch standing in ten to twenty metres.

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