Broadhaven by Wick, Caithness

Submitted by Owen McCafferty on Sun, 2009-11-22

Just off the north east point lies a large underwater archway/tunnel.

A good place not to be if the tide is running north as the sewage outlet for Wick lies at the south east point.

The outlet pipe (apparently) runs right through the wreck site of the Saint Nicolas.

For a great deep sea fishing and diving experience off the coast of north east Scotland, book a trip with Freedom Charters. Situated in the northern most region of Scotland, the coastline surrounding the Caithness area offers exciting angling, memorable deep sea diving and beautiful scenery.

If you are planning a holiday in North Scotland our sea angling and sightseeing trips are a great way of getting a close look at the magical coast and enjoy a days fishing or just observe the scenery. Freedom charters operate in the county of Caithess which is the North most county on the Scottish mainland. The coastline south of Wick on the East of Caithness offers some exceptionally rugged coastal scenery with the locally famed ‘Brig O ‘Trams’ an amazing sea arch and the Brough, which is a large sea stack known locally as ‘Scorries Island’. This is just one of many great diving locations round Caithness which can be enjoyed by all divers.


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