Caledonian Curry Company

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Hot Dishes 01. Mughi Phall – £4.95 A very hot chicken fillet dish with tamarind 02. Murghi Vindaloo – £4.95 A hot and sour chicken fillet dish

03. Lamb Kofla – £4.95 Ground lean lamb balls in a hot spicy sauce

Vegetarian Dishes

Hot Dishes 13. Saag Aloo* – £3.95 A delicious potato and spinach combination 14. Bhindi Mirchiwal* – £3.95 Okra cooked with red peppers in a hot sauce 15. Caledonian Chickpea* – £3.95 A flavoursome tomato and chickpea curry 16. Baigan Nariyal* – £3.95 Aubergines cooked with chillies and coconut

* Registered with the Vegan Society as 100% free of animal products

Specialty Dishes

25. Beef Phall – £4.95 A very hot prime beef dish 26. Bhuna Beef – £4.95 Scottish beef cooked to a classic recipe 27. Bhuna Murghi – £4.95 Pan fried chicken fillet in a medium hot dish 28. Chicken Pistachio Korma – £5.25 Chicken fillet gently cooked in with pistachios and cream 29. Kashmiri Lamb – £4.95 Tender lamb cooked without onions or garlic! 30. Chicken Tikka Masala – £4.95 Our version of the North’s favourite dish 31. Caledonian Venison – £4.95 Prime wild venison cooked with red peppers 32. Venison Vindaloo – £4.95 Local venison cooked to our own hot and delicious recipe 33. Rabbit Rogan Josh – £4.95 Wild local rabbit in a medium hot dish 34. Thai Red Chicken Curry – £4.95 Chicken fillet cooked with lemongrass and ginger 35. Mushroom Bhaji – £3.95 Whole button mushrooms in a spicy sauce

36. Highland Beetroom Curry – £3.95 Local beetroot in our own sweet and sour combination

Rice Dishes

37. Boiled Basmati Rice – £1.35 The finest Himalayan Basmati gently steamed 38. Pilau Rice – £1.65 Himalayan Basmati cooked with whole spices

39. Coconut Rice – £1.65 Himalayan Basmati cooked with coconut

Scottish Dishes

40. Venison and Orkney Stout Casserole – £4.95 Highland Venison simmered in dark beer 41. Venison Goulash – £4.95 Wild venison cooked with paprika and yoghurt

42. Venison Casserole – £4.95 Haunch of venison casseroled with mushrooms

The Caledonian Curry Company produces hand made dishes of the highest quality for discerning diners throughout the far north. Each dish is created individually without the use of commercial sauces, mixes or pastes. Our meals are preservative and additive free and are not available from any supermarket. We use only the finest Highland ingredients to create memorable meals for people who care about what they eat. Each dish is blast frozen for freshness and heat-sealed in fully labelled trays suitable for microwave or conventional ovens.

Contact: J & JS Horne, Caledonian Curry Company Telephone: 01847 893349

Fax: 01847 893349

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