Cape Wrath, Durness

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Durness is 10 miles east of Cape Wrath. The Cape is known as being the most North-westerly point of the British mainland, which affords spectacular sea views. Cape Wrath’s light house was built by Robert Stephenson in 1827 and although you can no longer go inside the light house you can visit it by taking the Cape Wrath Ferry and minibus service. The Cape Wrath lighthouse stands more than 121 metres above mean sea level on staggering cliffs facing the stormy Atlantic Ocean. Situated 5km east of Cape Wrath are the Clo Mor Cliffs. It is located in the old county of Sutherland, which disappeared following the Local Government (Scotland) Act 1974. The parish has an area of 585.1 sq. km (225.9 sq. miles). Durness has 4 neighboring parishes; namely Eddrachillis, Farr, Lairg and Tongue.

The lighthouse was built by Robert Stephenson in 1827. The tower is built of hand dressed stone and the rest of the building is constructed of large blocks of granite quarried from nearby Clash Carnoch. The lighthouse tower and dwelling houses are listed buildings of architectural and historic interest. Slightly to the east and overlooking the lighthouse are the ruins of Lloyds buildings. These were constructed by the famous insurance company as a coastguard station.

Access is via the Cape Wrath Ferry and minibus service through the Cape Wrath Bombardment Range. The land between the Kyle of Durness and the lighthouse is known as the Parph,207 kilometres of moorland. Cape Wrath contains a Site of Special Scientific Interest (SSSI) and a Special Protection Area for birds (SPA) under the European “Birds Directive”

Ferry Service To Cape Wrath
Spectacular coastal scenery 11 miles journey from ferry to lighthouse Souvenir Ticket. Slight delays at peak times and during M.O.D exercises Journey time approximately 40 minutes. Passenger service across the Kyle of Durness between May and September. Crossing time 10 minutes. Cyclists Welcome. Telephone J. Morrison 01971 511376. Service may be cancelled in the event of bad weather, MOD exercises and tidal conditions.

Minibus Service To Cape Wrath Cape wrath minibus service road to cape wrath. The Service is normally run from May to September, 7 days a week. You can contact Mr J Morrison on 01971 511 376

To confirm bus schedule during range operations contact Minibus Service To Cape Wrath Mrs I P Mackay—Tel: 01971 511343 or 511287 Mobile: 07751789048

Contact: Cape Wrath

E-mail: san…

Tel/Fax: 01971 511343/287


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