Clett Rock, Caithness

Submitted by Owen McCafferty on Sun, 2009-11-22

A solitary sea stack, interesting topography causes the sea to run uphill, honest guvnor! Sheer cliffs plunge on through the waterline to level off at 20 m depth, nice big, short cave in the cliff. Launch at Scrabster.

Heading out of Scrabster for Ushat Head the cliffs are spectacular. Stacks, caves, cuts and overhanging horizontal ledges. Seabirds everywhere. It holds all the promise of some interesting underwater scenery.

Just around Holborn Head and Scrabster, lies Clett Rock; generated by sloping rock strata, of paddling steeply downhill as you pass through the channel between the Clett and the main cliff. A stack of rock, separated from the headland by 50m.

Strong tides run around the stack which have lead to interesting topographical features below the water. The rock is made of layers of Caithness stone which do not lie horizontal. Viewed from in a boat, the illusion is generated that the sea surface is running downhill.

This is an excellent wall dive as the dive takes you right around the below surface features of the stack, including the ‘bowl’ eroded into the seabed at the east end. At various stages of the tide, this is a very exhilarating drift dive site.

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