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Kingspark Llama Farm, Berriedale, on the rugged Caithness coast, offers both llamas and combined guides and people to take care of the beasts.

The guides know the surrounding country well, the wildflowers, wildlife and historic sites (the landscape abounds in Neolithic, Bronze Age and Iron Age sites, suggesting that a much more clement climate must once have prevailed here).

If you take a walk along the coast, you will often stumble across one of several coastal birdwatching hides built by the RSPB. Forays into the hills generally lead to encounters with red deer, grouse and sometimes peregrines.

llama hills

Fig: llama hills

You can either be a softie, staying at the farm and going on different walks each day, or arrange for longer treks of several days, camping out with the llamas in the barren, empty, but beautiful hills. You will have to supply all your own gear and food for these longer trails, and should arrange them in advance.

If you just want a weekend break, however, a flight up to Inverness followed by a drive in a hired car will get you to Kingspark farm in a matter of hours, and you will find yourself walking a cliffside trail overlooking a rough northern sea, leading an animal from the Andes while spotting guillemots, puffins, auks and other seabirds through your guide’s binoculars. If you are tired of city life, do it. [Ref.: Taken from Travel – The Independent]

Llamas are indigenous to Peru but a small herd of llamas lives quite happily in the Highlands of Scotland, along with our parrots, raccoons, goats, pot-bellied pigs and barn owls.


Image: Racoons

Why not come along and enjoy a warm welcome and unique experience at Kingspark Llama Farm in Berriedale which is in a very beautiful corner of Caithness. A guided tour and personal introduction to the llamas costs only 1.50 pounds per adult and 1 pound for children. We welcome parties and coaches too preferably by prior arrangement.


Image: Owls

There are also locally made gifts including concrete garden ornaments also south american souvenirs to take home with you…

Llamas are friendly animals, ideal for a child’s (or adult’s) introduction to wildlife. Here at the farm you will be able to experience animals at close quarters in a completely safe and beautiful environment amidst the breathtaking scenery of the North Highlands of Scotland.

llama at snow

Fig: llama at snow

As well as the our own animals, Caithness offers a unique opportunity to observe the wild cat, red, sika and roe deer, otters, seals and dolphins not forgetting the abundance of sea birds such as the puffin, kittiwake, shag and skua which soar around the rugged coastline and can be seen from Berriedale beach, just a half mile walk from our home.

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llama calf

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