Latheronwheel, Caithness

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Semi-natural woodlands are rare in Caithness, limited to some straths and stream edges such as at Berriedale, Dunbeath, Latheronwheel and Dirlot Gorge. Coastal crofting communities are widespread, for example, at Helmsdale, Dunbeath, Latheronwheel, Melvich and Bettyhill.

The traditional crofting management of this land has been instrumental in the development of the rich natural heritage of the area; together with the built heritage associated with coastal fishing it has resulted in the cultural landscape we see today.

They are the remnants of a more extensive native tree cover that once existed in the area and as such, they form a valuable refuge for our woodland flora and fauna.

Characterised by a wide range of exotic species such as beech and sycamore, they may demonstrate a complex and stable structure, with high proportions of old trees and dead wood, latheronwheel harbour, Woodland Walk and often have very high recreation and amenity value. You may take part in a seashore scavenger hunt on the beach.

About Latheronwheel

Latheronwheel is a small village in Caithness County on the north-east coast in the Highlands of Scotland, situated south of Wick and John O Groats.

Latheronwheel is an ancient village; archaeological studies in the area have discovered symbol stones dating back to the Pictish era. Attractions include the Clan Gunn Heritage Centre and Museum, housed in the 18th century church and the single-span bridge dating from 1726. Neighbouring attractions include the Old Pulteney Whiskey Distillery in Wick.

John O Groats is a village well-known as the starting point of the long distance footpath to Lands End, and also for operating a ferry service across to Orkney. Between John O Groats and Thurso is Dunnet Head famous as the most northerly point on mainland Scotland.

Craiglea Lodge In Latheronwheel

Craiglea opens its doors for exclusive or partial use to enjoy the wild and turbulent or calm and isolated Highland treasures. A 4 star Scottish Highland retreat sleeping 15 -20 guests with indoor heated pool, sauna and relaxed to overlook the stunning scenery.

Luxury accommodation in one of the last unspoilt locations in the British Isles boasting unparalleled natural beauty and seclusion, breathtaking landscape views, with centuries of history and heritage.

Address: Latheronwheel, Caithness, 168 Granville Road, NW2 2LD, Scottish Highlands, KW5 6DW
Contact: Marc Heller
Tel: +44 (1593) 741397, +44 (1593) 741398

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