Loch Toll an Lochan

  • Height: 1200 ft
  • Distance: 6 miles
  • Difficulty: Moderate to Hard.
  • Total Time: Allow about 2 – 3 hours.
  • Navigation: The path is fairly clear, with a series of small cairns to guide you.
  • Starting Point: A small lay-by in a wooded area just beyond the Dundonnel Hotel before the turn to Badralloch (NG112857).
  • Public Transport: None that I know of.

A walk to a delightful lochan under the towering peaks of An Teallach. On a good day, dip your feet in the icy water while having a picnic.

Start this walk by driving past the Dundonnel Hotel on the A832 and parking in a small lay-by in a wooded area just before the turn to Badralloch (NG112857).

The path at the beginning of this walk is not clear, so climb over the fence on the right-hand side of the small stream and follow the stream through a forest of pines and rhododendrons.

There are a series of cairns to follow and a distinct path now leads up a hill and leaves the forest. You pass two quite spectacular waterfalls, one falling into a narrow gully, the other falling into a wide pool beside the path. Cross the stream and climb up by the second waterfall. Now you will find yourself in a landscape terraced with sandstone slabs, on a path which winds up and round the shoulder of An Teallach, following the Coir a’ Ghuibhsachain burn. The path lies between the stream and An Teallach, and is quite clearly marked by cairns. At the highest point of the path you get your first views of Loch Toll an Lochan. Descend to the lochan and sit at the water’s edge, watch the climbers on An Teallach’s ridges and listen to the feral goats.


Loch Toll an Lochan and the
towering peaks of An Teallach.


Map of walk to Loch Toll an Lochan.

Map Required:

  • OS Landranger 19: Gairloch and Ullapool Area

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