Peedie Sands

Over the hill from Dwarick Pier you will find a small sandy beach.

This is a lovely sheltered beach and a nice walk. Beware of the cliffs though. DO NOT GO NEAR THE EDGE! The cliffs could crumble and it is always dangerous to go too near the edge. There is a style across the fence and a vague path along the cliff top to the Peedie Sands.

The wild coastal moorland, dramatic cliffs and the most northerly point on the mainland are an attraction to visitors around Dunnet Head with local use noted of the route by Dwarwick and the House of the Northern Gate to Peedie Sands.

This picture (Click on the image for full view) was taken from underneath an overhang at the end of the beach. Around Dunnet Head is just a short walk from Dwarwick Pier and the access to Peedie Sands. Otters have been seen here.

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