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A graduate of Glasgow School of Art, Ishbel has been living and working at Balnakeil Craft Village for nineteen years.

She runs a small gallery selling her own limited edition screen prints, mixed media painting and pastels, and has run workshops in screen printing and drawing and painting for several years.

The Printmaker’s Gallery Ishbel Macdonald D.A.

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About The Printmaker’s Gallery, Ishbel Macdonald D.A.

“I make my prints in small limited editions using my own drawings and painting as a starting point. Screenprinting as an art was first developed by the Japanese using fine silk stretched over wooden frames. An intricately cut paper stencil was then fixed onto the silk and the colour printed through this.

Contemporary printers use polyester and aluminium or steel frames. Paper stencils may still be used, though I prefer a water based resist, which can be painted onto the screen to give a more painterly effect. The colours are over printed – each colour hiding some of the previous one until the whole design is complete.

My prints may have up to twelve colours. The prints are numbered and the editions are seldom larger than 30. Over the years, my subjects have been many, but the local area of mountains, crofts and sea have particularly featured. There have also been prints of my children and of flowers, especially poppies, sunflowers and wild iris.

My painting is usually based in mixed media on paper. I often work with gouache and pastel and collage, sometimes combining this also with monoprint. I try to produce interesting textural work and again strong colour often features, especially in the pastel work. My subject matter lately has been birds, fish and beasts, though still lives and flowers are still constant themes too.

My work is in private collections all over the world and has been acquired by Highland Regional Council, The BBC, Malcolm King Ltd. London, and Mackintosh County Educations Authority, Georgia, USA. The screenprints can easily be sent by post, unframed and small framed work can be sent also, since I use Perspex rather than glass for framing.” You may order your print or collage.

How to get there

Contact The Printmaker’s Gallery Ms Ishbel MacDonald Tel: +44 (1971) 511277

E-Mail: ish_…

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