Ring of Brodgar

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Dating from the Bronze age, the Ring of Brodgar presents an almost mystical quality. There are many different ideas on the subject and you can find out more at the ring itself through various information boards. This should be No.1 on everyone’s list! Originally there were 60 stones in the ring, nowadays 36 can be seen.

Because the interior of the Ring o’ Brodgar has never been fully excavated, or scientifically dated, the monument’s actual age remains uncertain. However, it is generally assumed to have been erected between 2500 BC and 2000 BC, and was, therefore, the last of the great Neolithic monuments built on the Ness.

‘The Heart of Neolithic Orkney’ was inscribed as a World Heritage site in December 1999. In addition to the Ring of Brodgar, the site includes Maes Howe, Skara Brae, the Standing Stones of Stenness and other nearby sites. It is managed by Historic Scotland, whose ‘Statement of Significance’ for the site begins.

Catching the Sunset
Many visitors take advantage of long summer and early autumn evenings to visit the circle at sunset, particularly at midsummer. So be warned that you won’t necessarily have peace and quiet if you do visit at dusk. Also be aware that humans are not the only creatures to visit in the late evening. Midges are frequent visitors, if you are standing around and watching the sunset you are a tasty treat for the little blighters – so be warned!

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