Services In Dornoch Area

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Castle Close Antiques, Castle Street, Dornoch. Email: enqu… Tel: 810405

Embo Antiques & Collectables, Front Street, Embo Tel: 811286

Art Galleries/Artists

The Jail Gifts and Crafts, Castle Street, Dornoch. Email: shop… Tel: 810555

The Jail Highland Art Gallery, Castle Street, Dornoch. Email: shop… Tel: 810555

Arts/Crafts Shops

Handmade Crafts, Castle Street, Dornoch. tel: 810710


Bank of Scotland, High Street, Dornoch

Beauty/Health Salons

Head to Toe Beauty Salon, Trentham Hotel, The Poles Tel: 810308

Bed and Breakfast

Birchwood Bed and Breakfast, Farmhouse, Birchwood, Embo Mains, Dornoch Tel: 810084
Fourpenny Cottage, Skelbo, Dornoch Email: four… Tel: 810727
Hillview Bed and Breakfast, Evelix Rd, Dornoch. Email: hill… Tel: 810151 Mrs Barbara Fraser, Khuzistan, 9 Poles Rd. Dornoch Tel: 810552

“Bumbles” Bed and Breakfast, Rowan Cresent, Dornoch. Email: bruc… Tel: 811622

Tordarroch Bed and Breakfast, Castle Street, Dornoch. Tel: 810855 Fearn House Bed and Breakfast, High Street, Dornoch Tel: 810249

Highfield House, Dornoch. Email: enqu… Tel: 810909

Miss J Ross, 4 Gate Street, Embo. Tel: 810566

Parfour, Embo Street, Dornoch. Email: parf… Tel: 810955

Netherwood Bed and Breakfast, Station Road, Dornoch Tel: 810463

Balnapolig Muir, Dornoch. Email: fion… Tel: 811524

Book Shop

The Dornoch Bookshop, High Street, Dornoch Tel: 810165


Dornoch Farm Butcher, High Street, Dornoch. Tel: 810334
Grants of Dornoch, Cathedral Square, Dornoch, Tel: 810000


Dornoch Caravan and Camping Site, The Links, Dornoch. Email: i… Tel: 810423 Grannie’s Heilan’ Hame Caravan Site, Embo Tel: 810383 Sutherland, Pitgrudy Caravan Park, Dornoch Tel: 810001

Seaview Farm Caravan Park, Seaview, Hilton, Dornoch, Tel: 821294

Chartered Surveyors

Sinclair C. Mackintosh & Co., West End, Castle Street, Dornoch Tel: 810933


R R Jonstone, High Street, Dornoch. Tel: 221094

Community/Leisure Centres

Kale Community House, Kildary Tel: 842499 Inver Village Hall, Inver Tel: 871620 Duthac Centre, Shandwick Street, Tain Tel: 894422

Tain Royal Acadamy Community Centre, Scotsburn Rd. Tel: 893767


MED, Menzies Engineering Design Ltd, Whinhill, Dornoch. Email: menz… Tel: 810788

Electrical Retailer

M.G. Ross (Radio and Television), Castle Street, Dornoch Tel: 810770


The Cottage Workshop, 10 Gilchrist Square, Dornoch Tel: 810813

Gift Shop

Norlander Country Shop, The Square, Dornoch Tel: 810239
The Gift Shop, Castle Street, Dornoch Tel: 810230

Guest Houses

Inistore Guest House, Castle Street, Dornoch. Email: ind… Te: 811263
Trevose Guest House, Cathedral Square, Dornoch. Email: trev… Tel: 810269
Balnagown Estates, Kildary


Gillian’s Salon, Station Square, Dornoch Tel: 810370


William A. Macdonald, Castle Street, Dornoch. Tel: 810301

Holiday Accommodation/ Activities

Heatherwood Leisure Services Ltd, Heatherwood Park tel: 810596 Grannie’s Heilan Hame, Embo, Dornoch tel: 810383 The Ranch Chalet Park, The Ranch, Delny Tel: 842412

Dornoch Lochans, Davochfin, Dornoch Tel: 810600


The Trentham Hotel, The Poles, Dornoch Tel: 810551
The Eagle Hotel, Castle Street, Dornoch. Email: p… Tel: 810008
Burghfield House Hotel, Dornoch, Sutherland. Email: burg… Tel: 810212
Dornoch Castle, Dornoch. Email: enqu… Tel: 810216
Mallin House Hotel, Church Street, Dornoch. Email: mall… Tel: 810335


2 Quail Restaurant, Castle Street, Dornoch. Email: ind… Tel: 811811 Cathedral Café, 2 High Street, Dornoch Tel: 810119 Luigi’s Ice Cream Parlour, Castle Street, Dornoch Tel: 810893

Sutherland House, Restaurant & Bar, Argyle Street, Dornoch Tel: 811023


John Grant & Sons, Dornoch Tel: 811234


The Station Takeaway, Station Square, Dornoch Tel: 810982

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