Shore Dive Sites in Caithness

Submitted by Owen McCafferty on Sun, 2009-11-22

Brims Ness, Caithness: A shallow spit of rock, split into channels (as in second picture), extending far out to sea. Can be shore dived from the farm.

Broadhaven by Wick, Caithness: A good place not to be if the tide is running north as the sewage outlet for Wick lies at the south east point.

Dwarwick pier, Caithness: Useful as a launch point for Dunnet head and an OK shore dive in its own right, big boulders tumbling onto sand at 14 metres.

Lybster, Caithness: Shed sized holes connected with doorway sized fissures in a crazy random pattern below a canopy of kelp.

Portskerra Haven, Sutherland: This is a natural harbour, with a big rock in the centre. At the base of the slipway, follow the wall out to find an underwater archway just inside the point.

Pow Geo by Wick, Caithness: From the car park slither down the sloping flat bedrock to a square inlet.

Proudfoot by Wick, Caithness: Looks uninviting, would be were it not for the wreck in the North West corner.

Rhu Corrie, Sutherland: Shore dive if you are prepared to climb the steep boggy slope, else launch at Portskerra slip.

Sarclet Haven, Caithness: After a trudge down the steep grassy roadway to the picturesque disused fishing station at the bottom of the cliffs, the diving is singularly uninspiring.

Scarfskerry Haven, Caithness: In the 1930s a steamer, the Linkmore, blocked the harbour.

Scrabster Lighthouse, Caithness: After gaining permission at the harbour office, access is down a cliff beside the lighthouse.

Staxigoe, Caithness: The dramatic 15th to 17th-century ruins of Sinclair and Girnigoe castles rise steeply from a needle-thin promontory three miles north of Wick.

Whaligoe, between Wick and Lybster, Caithness: Similar in almost all aspects to Sarclet, the difference being the grassy roadway is exchanged for 360 steps.

  • Brims Ness, Caithness
  • Broadhaven by Wick, Caithness
  • Dwarwick pier, Caithness
  • Lybster, Caithness
  • Portskerra Haven, Sutherland
  • Pow Geo by Wick, Caithness
  • Proudfoot by Wick, Caithness
  • Rhu Corrie, Sutherland
  • Sarclet Haven, Caithness
  • Scarfskerry Haven, Caithness
  • Scrabster Lighthouse, Caithness
  • Staxigoe, Caithness
  • Whaligoe, between Wick and Lybster, Caithness

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