Skerray and Strathy Fishing or Angling services

This is an exceptional area for brown trout. There are simply thousands of Borgie/Skerray hill lochs many of which are remote and virtually un-fished. If you are walking into such loch without a guide do touch base with the local estate. Not only will you thus avoid stalkers, but it is advisable for your own safety – this can be a wild place for the unwary. You should also check out the limestone lochs around Cape Wrath – the clarity of the water and beauty of the fish is a sight to behold.

The River Borgie is 7 miles in length from where it flows out of Loch Slaim to where it enters the sea on the north coast of Scotland at Torrisdale Bay. Fishing on the river opens on 12th January and closes on 30th September. Nowadays, fishing is by fly only, and Catch and release is encouraged though not mandatory, towards the end of the season when most of the fish are coloured.

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