Tain Area

Tain is an attractive town unfortunately often missed out by visitors because of the A9 bypassing it. Tain is Scotland’s oldest Royal Burgh, tracing its history back to the 11th Century, and is famous for being the favoured haunt in the 16th century of King James IV of Scotland, who granted the town exclusive rights to the mussel beds in the Dornoch Firth.

Indeed, had history progressed in a subtly different way, Tain could have laid claim to the title: Capital of the Highlands.

Tain is a place of huge historic significance, as is evidenced by the magnificence of the sandstone buildings, the old Tolbooth and the Mercat Cross.

The town is full of wonderful architecture, there are lots of small winding streets off of the main town centre full of old buildings and shops so don’t think that the centre of town is it, because there is a lot more to find than the main street.

Tain is built at the edge of the links where you will find a golf course and a lovely park with a good play area for children. Come and join us in a celebration of the cultural, historic, and sporting character that only Tain can offer.

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Tain Area, Ross-shire and Inverness-shire, Highland, Scotland

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