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Several years ago there was a youngster beaten to death on the streets of Tain. It was due to this that a number of locals came together and prayed that God would provide something within the area to alleviate its concerns. The eventual outcome was the Tain Youth Café. This is the answer to prayer that was hoped for and now there is a whole lot more prayer required so that the work can continue. But we have to be aware of what it is we are up against and what form it takes. We know that within the Church we have a desire to see others come to know the Lord, and in the face of a society that seems to be so bent on pleasing itself and not God, our combined prayers and physical efforts are all the more needed.

What started out as a Plumbers shop and yard is now a first class youth facility for the young people of Tain and surrounding area. The key focus of the Café’s work is the releasing the potential of all those (especially the children and young people) who attend and the way we achieve this is via the YMCA method of the Wholeness approach of Body Mind and Spirit. We are proud to be part of this great international movement which serves in over 140 different countries world wide. In 2008 6 folks from Tain travelled to Prague to be part of one of the largest ever gatherings of YMCA’s from around the world.

The Youth Café has changed beyond all recognition over the years and now boasts a huge array of entertainment equipment to be used nightly of for our special events. The Building itself is split into three main entertainment areas. The aim of the work is to meet the needs of the community and that is what we are doing. TYC has been on the go now for about 2 years and the need for young people to have a place to go, other than the streets, has not gone away. TYC is and will remain to have a very important function in the lives of young people in Tain and District.

Firstly the young people have been doing the usual- collecting awards from Scotland’s Ministers, planning trips to France, building skate ramps, painting (or graffiti!) the cafe’s walls, etc, etc, etc… And, if that wasn’t enough Stewart, the youth worker in the cafe, asks us, “Do you fancy writing up something for the picture post? Just when you have a spare minute.” Well yes Stewart, here I am.

Facilities and equipments:

  • The “Main ” is located on the ground floor at the front of the building and houses the entertainment systems, coffee bar and two of the three pool tables.
  • The “Back Yard” is a large Multi-Purpose venue at the rear of the building which houses the sound and light systems and stage area. This can be laid out to a huge amount of events, from bands to discos, meetings to cinema and even as the ideal place for an indoor bouncy castle.
  • The “Upper Room” area is an ideal space for groups to meet in a comfortable and informal layout or in board room style.
  • 3 Pool Tables
  • Air Hockey Table
  • Table top football
  • Xbox 360 with Xbox Live
  • Nintendo Wii
  • 2 Computers for internet, email, homework
  • Fully stocked coffee bar with Kitchen equipment.
  • 2 6ft Projector TV’s with Free-view TV, DVD and Video facility.
  • Multi zone Speaker system
  • Musical instruments including Drums guitars and keyboards for your use!
  • Full Band PA set up
  • Full Disco Set up
  • A large stage and disco lighting system
  • A wide selection of normal and ‘Giant’ games.

Graham Nutt, the full time Yo uth and Community worker there, said, “The Youth Cafe has become a central place for young people from not only within Tain, but also from the surrounding villages. Just before the summer break we had a record 1,000-plus visits in one month, the highest in three years.”

The Youth Cafe is currently open three nights a week, Thursdays (for S4 and above) and Friday and Saturday evenings plus Monday, Thursday and Friday lunchtimes. It also has a team of willing volunteers who assist Graham. The facility also runs a Bible study group every Tuesday evening for young Christians at 6pm and a Rock Solid Junior Club on Thursday evening. The board will also be using this Saturday afternoon to recruit new volunteers to assist.

More recent introductions to the Café have included a weekly Junior Club for primary school aged children and the expansion of the weekly mother & toddler group. What do the people of Tain and Dornoch want to know about Tain Youth Cafe? Well you tell us. In fact even better, step through the cafe doors and take a look yourselves. Or better still take a couple of hours out of your week to volunteer for us and really find out what is going on.

Tain Youth Cafe members.jpg

Tain & District Youth Café YMCA
Mr Graham Nutt
Tel:- 01862 894252
Web: http://www.tainyouthcafe.co.uk/


Tain & District Youth Café YMCA
17 Stafford Street Tain
Ross-Shire IV19 1AE
Scotland, UK

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