Urquhart Bay Woods

These woods are also known as “The Cover”. There are lots of paths through the woods which lie between two rivers, the Enrick and the Coiltie.

You will see a variety of plants and birds in these woodlands. You will not, however, manage to cross the river to the loch without wading at the moment. There were stepping stones but some were washed away and they have had to be removed. A solution is being worked on currently and hopefully a new way of crossing will be available.

To get to the woods head toward the Benleva Hotel and pass it. The road is a large “U” shape and at the base of this is the Kilmore Cemetery, you will find a stile beside this. If you walk a bit further up the road there is also a gate so the paths are accessible for pushchairs and horses as well.

Urquhart Bay; a Woodland Trust wood is also a network of forest roads all along the glen which are ideal for walking, cycling and horse-riding. Balnain Bike Park is the cycling equivalent of a skateboard park, just as testing of your skills and every bit as energetic. The park is for experienced mountain bikers and is graded ‘extreme’.

Urquhart Bay trail walk to the shores of Loch Ness
Urquhart Bay lies between the River Coiltie and River Enrick and is one of the best examples of surviving ancient wet woodland in Europe. It is part of a major concentration of ancient woodlands along Loch Ness and the glens running west including Glen Urquhart and Glen Affric.

Urquhart Bay Woods or ‘the Cover’ at Drumnadrochit — a designated site of special scientific interest is the best way to walk to the shores of Loch Ness! Turn right along the main road from the village car park then take the first road left. Follow this road down to Old Kilmore cemetery. The track to the woods is at the steps over the wall. These interesting woods lie between two rivers, the Enrick and the Coiltie. When the rivers are in spate, the woodland is flooded. The floods carry down silt from the higher ground and this enriches the soil in the wood. However, this means that the plants and animals that survive there have to be able to cope with flooding several times a year. Look out for the wild flowers and dragonfly amongst the alder trees and Dippers on the river banks. This wood is cared for by the Woodland Trust. Allow 1 hour 30 minutes – 5km / 3 miles return.

Urquhart Castle

Craigmony Walk can be started from Craigmonie Access Point in Craigmonie which is part of Glen Urquhart. Drumnadrochit, Lewiston, and Balnain and Inverness are the nearest towns or villages. Craigmonie woodland is a mixture of planted conifers and birchwoods. There are also some specimen conifers, planted in the 1800’s by the estate landowner of the time. It is a community wood managed with the full involvement of Craigmonie Woodland Association. Also try

Glen Urquhart forest
Woodland Trust wood
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Urquhart Bay Woods
Drumnadrochit Inverness
Inverness-shire IV63 6XJ
Scotland, UK

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