The Village of Reay, Walking at Archvarsadal Wood

Reay is a very attractive village on the outskirts of Caithness just a few miles from the border of Sutherland. Reay, a village of NW Caithness and a parish also of NE Sutherland. The village stands near the head of Sandside Bay, 10¾ miles WSW of Thurso, under which it has a post office, with money order, savings’ bank, and telegraph departments. Reay is in the presbytery of Caithness and the synod of Sutherland and Caithness.

Reay is an excellent village for enjoying the north coast. Convenient for sea, river and loch fishing, hill walking, bird watching and surfing. Not far from Orkney Ferry , it offers the opportunity of day trips to Islands. The house offers a warm Highland Welcome. The Reay Lochs enjoy a secluded setting 200 feet above sea level to the south east of the village of Reay in Caithness. A prehistoric mound at the west end of the beach is called Cnocstanger, which means pole hill.

reay village

Along with Thurso the village grew dramatically in the mid-20th century with the development of the experimental nuclear power facility at Dounreay, where technologies such as fast breeder reactors were developed.

Walking at Archvarsadal Wood, Reay
Situated just off the A836 1km east of Reay. The walk consists of a shallow loop and from the carpark you enter the wood and can choose to either skirt the west flank of Achvarasdal Wood or head east to explore the wetland area. At the furthest point the walk opens into a clearing and within that lies Achvarasdal House and the ancient Broch. This woodland has been allowed to grow naturally and has 35 species of tree 19 of which are native. Dead trees have been left in situ and are therefore a hive of activity for insect and invertebrate life and provide the perfect conditions for fungi, mosses and lichens.

If you are touring the Far North of Scotland, or going to Orkney and want to catch the ferry, then just let them know so that they may have an early breakfast ready for you.

Reay is where the landscape really starts to change

Changing Landscape
Reay is where the landscape really starts to change and the typical Caithness flatness starts to become more craggy and peaty.

Sandside Harbour, Reay
Sandside harbour is one of the prettiest in Reay, Thurso, Caithness

Sandside Harbour
Sandside harbour is one of the prettiest in Caithness

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