Woodland Walk

The Spiral Woodland Walk is set in Borgie Forest in NW Sutherland.

This is a community project which brings life to an ancient Gaelic Tree Alphabet. You will find it at the entrance to Borgie Forest which is on the A836 Thurso to Durness road, between Tongue and Bettyhill. Borgie was the first managed forest in Scotland! There is also a bike trail in the forest, but it is not always open so watch out for the signs. The walk was opened on 2nd December 2000.

The walk runs along the edge of the River Borgie, one of Scotland’s most famous salmon rivers. There are lovely views up the river towards the centre of the forest -especially so in spring when the gorse is in flower.

Near the entrance to the forest lies A’chraobh. The spiral feature created using native trees and carved local stone was designed and created by the local community.

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Woodland Walk in Tongue

Fig: Woodland Walk in Tongue

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