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The financial and emotional impact of crime in the workplace costs businesses in the Highlands and Moray hundreds of thousands of pounds every year .

The Castle Group offers SECURITY services tailored to your needs…From acquisitive thefts to planned robberies no business is immune to crime.

Last year concern about increasing fuel, metal and machinery thefts led to increased demand for security services prompting local family run firm Castle Security Group Northern Ltd onto a recruitment drive.

Based at Dalcross Industrial Estate near Inverness the firm is the largest provider of security services in the Highland and Islands. It also has a firm presence in the Moray and Grampian regions. Castle Security offers mobile and static guard patrols, alarm response call out, remote CCTV monitoring, and gatehouse and perimeter security. It can also provide specialist security services.

Its key aim is to provide high quality, value for money, community safety and security solutions. In addition to providing a physical presence on site it can provide commercial fraud investigations, employee security clearance, investigate false sickness claims, and provide a professional witness service for court.

Managing director Jim Ferguson says the cost of crime to businesses is far reaching: “When you consider the knock on effect of losing stock or equipment there is a significant impact to the whole workforce. Vital time is spent making official reports to the police, insurance claims, staff briefings, and then there is the financial cost of replacing lost items, and the downtime involved.

“It goes even further than this. For example, if your business is broken into you could lose staff time clearing up and recording missing items. Staff can find themselves really quite traumatised by a break-in, especially if they’re part of a small or isolated team.

“The Highlands and Islands in general is a very safe area to work and live in but that doesn’t mean that we can afford to be complacent. Many local businesses are exceptionally proactive when it comes to putting security measures in place, or to employing our services and we will always tailor what we offer to what a client needs.

“All of our security staff are professionally dressed in our distinctively branded red and black uniforms. We find that their high visibility goes along way to reducing external and in-house crime; we have to realise that not all crime comes from an outside source. As always, prevention is better than cure.”

Castle Security also provides services to other parts of Scotland but keeps the majority of its core business within the Highlands, Grampian and Moray. It strives to provide competitive pricing and a first class service 24 hours a day, 365 days per year .The firm ensures that the needs of clients are well looked after and reviewed to reflect any business growth or change. There is an emphasis on security managers building up strong working relations with clients to guarantee a successful ongoing partnership.

Jim continued: “Because of the large rural geographical spread we can be particularly vulnerable to metal and copper cabling theft and associated crime. If there is a big project under way it doesn’t take more than a few moments for an opportunist to identify a target and set plans in place to steal. Numerous businesses lose thousands of pounds worth of fuel [especially in remote and rural areas] and the aftermath of that includes time lost to replace it, the financial implications, reviewing security, reassuring staff and so on.

“Talk to Castle Security and we’ll create a bespoke package to meet your requirement. If you know you have a one-off premium delivery of goods coming in that you want us to protect then we can do that. Or, if you require more regular attendance and advice we can
match that.

“By employing our professional services you are sending out a clear message of zero tolerance towards crime. This reassures staff and demonstrates that you are protecting them from external interference as well as protecting your business and assets.”

The team at Castle Security includes many former military and police officers who bring valuable insight and tactical expertise to the firm. This also enables it to offer dedicated staff to large construction project entrances that require stringent and careful control. Other companies within The Castle Group can also provide minibus, off-road and construction drivers for large scale projects.

Contact the team at Castle Security for a free, no obligation chat, or to arrange an appointment to find out how they can make your business more secure and mitigate any potential risks.

Castle Security Can Provide:

  • Mobile and static patrols
  • Investigations into sick claims
  • Perimeter guards
  • Spontaneous security checks
  • Lockdown patrols
  • Support drivers
  • Alarm response and key-holding

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