Highland IT Support Ltd

Address Highland IT Support Ltd, 33 Glenburn Drive , Inverness IV2 4NE, Scotland, UK
Telephone: 01463 235119, Mobile: 077 200 23731 Fax: 01463 713418
Website: http://www.highlanditsupport.com

Beware of seeks bearing fixes!

“Hello sir, I am calling about your computer troubles.”

“Err.,, hello, what computer troubles – who are you?”

“My name is Dave from Microsoft/Symantec/lntel and your computer and internet are working slowly yes?”

“Well, yes the internet does seem a little slow at times but…”

“Ah yes, this is the reason we’re calling – to help you remove the virus infections that are giving you these problems.”

“Err, okay but I have Antivirus on already – are you saying it isn’t working?”

“Your Antivirus has not protected you and we can help to repair the damage and stop it from happening again.”

“Well, that sounds good – what do I have to do?”

“Please go to this website – I will explain what you need to do and then we can take charge of your computer…”

You know the rest of the story. He gives them remote access. After a ‘scan’, he is warned about several threats that they can fix -for a fee, of course, He buys a bogus product with his credit card. They now have his card details and may take further amounts at a later stage. They may have infected his computer and disabled his security, On top of this, he may need expert help from a genuine IT business to set back to normal.

Surely nobody is this trusting?

Oh yes, they are. The scams would stop if they didn’t work, Just like ‘spare tarmac from resurfacing the road’, these plausible callers catch people off their guard. And they can charge hundreds of pounds for ‘Unlimited Care’ or other false offers, It is not just home users who are duped – small businesses are also prone to this type of fraud, And the callers can be very convincing, using just enough ‘techy’ terms to sound impressive.

How do you avoid this scam? Cultivate a healthy paranoia for one – genuine software companies will not cold call you to offer help, If in doubt, delay doing anything then contact a reputable local IT consultant or business who you have heard of and make sure you aren’t one of those who are caught out.

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