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A A Mackenzie & Co Ltd (Business Advisors), 3/5 Mayfield, High Street Dingwall, Ross-Shire IV15 9ST, Scotland, UK

Telephone: 01349 864489

Website: http://www.aamba.com

A fresh perspective on your business

Businesses across the Highlands are being encouraged to utilise their time wisely and get behind the engine of their company to see what really drives it.

Chartered accountant and business advisor Mike Evans is confident that this knowledge is key to growing a successful business.

He runs AAMBA (AA Mackenzie & Co Ltd, Business Advisors) with his wife Jenni, also a chartered accountant and associate director Gareth Jones where they are said to be the finance directors, business advisors, and tax specialists of choice for small and medium sized businesses. AAMBA has an established presence in Dingwall, and has recently opened a new base on the High Street in Nairn.

The business has a strong client base of more than 200 across the Highlands and reaches out across the UK as far as Devon. Mike says they take great pride in what they offer: “Some of our business clients who were once local and have since relocated have retained our services; that’s very reassuring for us to see just how much our work is valued. We listen to our own advice as a company that encourages growth, investment and development, and for this reason we regularly upgrade our technology ensuring that we can provide the fastest and most reliable information, and we invest heavily in training and retaining our staff.

“In the current economy it’s very easy for businesses to focus on the bottom line but in our view that greatly limits potential. Although the economy is struggling there is huge possibilities out there if bosses take the time to really scrutinise their financial reports and business model and respond accordingly.

“Small businesses do not have to remain small. With the right team, and the right drive they can become a medium sized business and a significant industry player simply by working with us. By expanding the company vision and making us part of your wealth team you can grow your turnover in a robust and sustainable way, ensuring that your business is built on strong foundations.

“Growing a business doesn’t have to involve significant risk and we can provide advice, support and guidance to ensure that possibilities are explored in full. We have an expert team at AAMBA and we are cost effective. We have a vast network of highly skilled individuals in specialised industries and that means that we can call on their advice whenever we need it, allowing us to dedicate all our time to the needs of our clients.”

Mike Evans is also a non executive director of both NHS Highland and the Cromarty Firth Port Authority (predominantly oil and gas driven). He has worked with the CFPA for the past seven years, during which time turnover and profits have grown tremendously.

‘Growing a business doesn’t have to involve significant risk and we can provide advice, support and guidance to ensure that possibilities are explored in full’

AAMBA’s client portfolio boasts a multitude of different sectors including, amongst many others construction, marketing, doctors, estate agents, niche rock specialists and lawyers; the company’s vast network of contacts means that it can provide your business with in depth industry information efficiently and effectively.

Their work is quality reviewed by the Institute of Chartered Accountants of Scotland (ICAS).

Mike says they have a very simple work ethic: “We want to help businesses to grow. We support individuals and teams so that they can view their business more objectively and tap into previously unseen potential. The only thing that keeps a business small is the limitations that are forced upon it. We know for a fact that the business owners know the most about what they do, and using that information more effectively is key to the growth and increase in profit.

“We can offer advice, a fresh perspective, relevant information and assist in the planning. Our own business model ensures that we are competitively priced, and a positive investment. We can offer straightforward compliance work if that is all that’s required [AAMBA is one of a very rare breed that holds an audit registration licence] or we can really support you to extend your vision for the company and reap the rewards.

“AAMBA is very successful operating from Dingwall and we see huge potential in Nairn. It could easily become a strong, vibrant business area; we look forward to welcoming new clients there. Both offices are accessible and there is free car parking in each area. We’re very happy to meet clients at our premises, or to commute to their offices throughout the Highlands and beyond to discuss how best we can work together to create wealth as well as an enhanced work life balance.”

AAMBA can provide:

  • Tax compliance and planning
  • Book-keeping
  • Payroll – PAYE and National Insurance (NI)
  • Cash flow forecasting
  • Business planning
  • IT solutions
  • Accounting advice and software advice
  • Accounts
  • Registered auditors (charity and limited companies)
  • Charity reporting accountants

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