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Address A9 Consulting Limited, Birchfield House Wester Kirkhill, Inverness IV5 7PF, Scotland, UK

Telephone: 01463831835

Website: http://www.a9consulting.co.uk

Specialising in ecological services for developments, Inverness-based A9 Consulting Ltd provides cost-effective consultancy over the length and breadth of the Highlands.

Directors Yvonne Brown and Dr Eric Donnelly joined forces last year, having many years of experience in the industry between them.

A9 works on a wide range of developments including building projects, transport infrastructure, and the renewables industry.

European legislation drives many environmental considerations such as the legal protection of some mammals, birds and reptiles on any development, and some housing alterations.

“Even in the last five years there has been a lot of additional European legislation associated with planning applications – you can’t avoid it”, explained Eric.

“For example, if you plan to develop near a water course, an otter survey is required. If you are cutting down trees or replacing a roof, a bat survey is required.

“Developers and householders do get caught out and the fines can be quite hefty.”

A9 has worked on more than 70 medium to large renewables projects throughout the UK, from Thurso to Cardiff. It also works on smaller Feed In Tariff (FIT) scheme projects.

The Government’s incentive FIT scheme pays people to generate their own electricity for a period of 20 years.

Under the FIT scheme, landowners can make significant returns from single turbines, hydro schemes or solar panels, from either funding the project themselves or through leasing agreements with developers who fund the project.

A9 can provide free initial assessments on potential wind turbine sites, to allow landowners and developers to get an idea of the viability of their land for one or more turbines.

If a viable site is funded by a landowner, A9 can provide ecological consultancy and source all other planning consultancy for the client.

If a lease agreement is requested, A9 work with a wide range of developers and can source one suitable for that project.

The FIT scheme also provides opportunities to those outside the industry.

A9 is also involved with companies looking for investors. Investments in FIT schemes can provide annual returns of 10-40 per cent a year over the 20-year period of the scheme, for an investment of £ 10,000 and upwards.

Although some risk is always attached with planning applications, these returns are attractive to many potential investors.As you visit ‘A9 Consulting Limited’, you may find interest in following listings . . .

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