Stratos Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS) Ltd

Unmanned aerial systems give a higher perspective
Stratos UAS Ltd is the first business of its kind in the Highlands, supporting a renewable energy and new media boom in the area with Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) permission to work.

Safe, professional, video, photography, inspection, survey and monitoring
The operation of Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS) is regulated in the UK by the CAA and follows professional processes and procedures to ensure precise and safe operations up to a legal range of 500 metres from the operator, and ensures the safety of the public, buildings, structures and crew.

The applications are endless, the benefits are real
Stratos UAS owns and operates a number of remotely operated aerial vehicles complete with ground-based monitoring, control and display systems, which are perfectly suited for all types of high performance aerial inspection, photographic and video work.

Stratos UAS is one of the few companies in the UK permitted to operate UAS in the 7 kilograms to 20 kilograms weight range, allowing a variety of high quality professional cameras to be carried on sophisticated established mounts.

The company can… … capture high resolution images from ground level up to 400 feet – even higher in some cases. … get up close to plant and equipment without the need to shut it down. … get to those hard to reach hazardous locations where you would rather not send a person. … work in locations and at heights that conventional manned aircraft cannot. … help with site and structural surveys/inspections. … provide aerial site-level visual progress reports.

… provide broadcast quality aerial filming and photography.

Stratos UAS works with partners as needed to bring the client a complete package of skills and expertise. For example, the company is partnering with HCVF Television, in Inverness, to provide full on-site broadcast quality media production camera crews and expertise, as well as a complete range of HD post-production editing and composition.

Applications include: • Electricity pylons and power lines • Wind turbines • Gas flare stacks • Oil and gas infrastructure • Bridges and supporting structures • Construction • Forestry • Tourism

• Promotional videos

Applications and benefits: • Increase safety • Improve site and structural surveys and documentation • Greatly enhance the visual impact of videos and pictures • Decrease down time • Reduce risk

• Save time and money

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