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Expertise in foreign currency

Foreign exchange broker Scot FX specialises in offering a highly personal service and competitive currency rates to small and medium enterprises across Scotland.

The company, which has offices in Edinburgh and Glasgow, prides itself on giving SMEs the level of support and advice that banks often fail to provide.

“Traditionally if a company exporting or importing something has a requirement for $100,000 or EUR10,000 they would go to a bank but we are saying come to us instead,” said director David Hale.

“If you are a big conglomerate the banks will bend over backwards to help and you get a very high level of service. But for SMEs quite often they are struggling to get the quality of service they need from the banks.

“They can always talk directly with us. They can ring up and ask what the exchange rate is for dollars and euros or any other currency that day and we will give them a quote there and then. If they are happy they can book the rate but there is no obligation.

“We are essentially a middle man as we don’t trade currencies ourselves. All we do is foreign currency so we are dealing with companies and private individuals who import and export, as well as anyone with a need for foreign currency.

Scot FX has recently launched a new service in partnership with Scottish chambers of commerce to provide exclusive benefits to their members.As you visit ‘Scot FX’, you may find interest in following listings . . .

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