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At Simpson & Marwick we have one of the most approachable and highly qualified teams of family law solicitors in our offices in Aberdeen, Edinburgh and Glasgow, serving clients across Scotland and overseas.

We offer strength in depth as there’s a lot more to family law than just dealing with divorces.

More couples are making pre-nuptial or pre-cohabitation agreements, which is eminently sensible when one or both of the people involved have assets which need to be protected.

Such agreements are also gaining favour with individuals who are being gifted funds by family members to set up home with a partner or a spouse. They are likewise popular with same-sex couples now that civil partnerships are legal.

As the collaborative approach to divorces gains momentum, with five solicitors who are collaboratively trained across our Scottish offices, we are extremely well placed to offer this service to our clients. This is a non-adversarial route where settlements are negotiated away from the courts, reducing conflict and legal fees.

We can draw on the expertise of specialist financial advisers, who provide guidance on the medium and long term impact of various settlement options and we also work with qualified divorce coaches who can provide counselling and emotional support. It’s a more holistic approach and can lead to more creative settlements that benefit all concerned.

We have three solicitors who can offer family law mediation to clients.

Mediation is also a popular method of non-litigated dispute resolution – particularly when there are disagreements as to the arrangements for children.

It provides parents whose communication with one another has deteriorated with a forum in which they can voice any concerns in the presence of a neutral third party.

All of our solicitors are experienced court practitioners, who are accustomed to representing clients in courts in mainland Scotland and in the Islands. When your life is changing, Simpson & Marwick’s Family Law Team is here to help you make the right changes for a better future.As you visit ‘Simpson & Marwick’, you may find interest in following listings . . .

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