Chalmers Commercial Finance Ltd

Address Chalmers Commercial Finance Ltd, 10 Simpson Park, Beauly IV4 7GH, Scotland, UK
Telephone: 0845 838 7147 / 07810 481236

Finance without the hassle

It has been more than five years since the credit crisis erupted in Britain. While there have been some signs of a return to normal, many businesses are still finding their capacity to develop is hampered by continued difficulty in obtaining credit. This is where Chalmers Commercial Finance Ltd comes in.

Chalmers Commercial Finance Ltd understands why businesses perceive there to be significantly fewer funding options than before the recession and the firm was established to provide an alternative. Established in mid-2013, the Beauly-based company has experienced growing demand from firms seeking finance to meet their development aspirations.

Chalmers Commercial Finance Ltd has relationships with more than 230 finance providers. These include high street banks, merchant banks, private funding groups, investment trusts and high net-worth individuals – all keen to lend to the right proposition.

Specialising in bringing a personal touch to business finance – making the company one to watch in 2014 – director Allan Chalmers delivers swift and honest responses.

With a background in business banking with the Royal Bank of Scotland (RBS), Mr Chalmers’ areas of expertise include commercial and business mortgages, buy-to-let and portfolio finance, property development finance, plus business loans and support.

Other areas within business finance where Chalmers Commercial Finance Ltd can assist businesses include asset finance, leasing and hire purchase, factoring and cashflow support, trading business acquisition and re-finance.

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