Jamie Tulloch PT (Personal Fitness Trainer)

Address Jamie Tulloch PT (Personal Fitness Trainer), Inverness, Scotland, UK


Telephone: 07738 243 383

Website: http://www.personaltraininginverness.com

Exciting new fitness services from Jamie Tulloch PT

Inverness-based personal trainer Jamie Tulloch is offering innovative new fitness options alongside his current popular services.

Jamie operates from his well-equipped studio at the Inverness Tennis and Squash Club offering individual or group personal training sessions as well as a variety of fitness classes and his bootcamp, Highland FitCamp.

But he’s now offering innovative new services to reach as many people as possible in his quest to help the people of the Highlands get fit and healthy.

Looking for a really positive way to help your team, group or company to bond? Try Jamie’s new team-building days with a difference. The day combines fun fitness-based team tasks with lifestyle and nutrition talks – and healthy, delicious meals. It’s suitable for all abilities and fitness levels, and tailored to suit your group.

Another useful new service is Jamie’s home set-ups. If regular sessions with a personal trainer aren’t for you, or you simply don’t have the time to get to the gym, Jamie will visit you in your home for a one-off session. He’ll design you a workout which you can easily do in your own home, and write you a personal nutrition plan. If you like, he’ll come back in six weeks for a review – at only half the cost.

Jamie never stops learning – so he can pass his learning on to his clients. He’s currently taking part in nutrition, strength and conditioning seminars and workshops at Edinburgh University.

He’s also delighted to have won a new contract as fitness trainer for the Ministry of Defence. Jamie will be training up to six troops a week from his studio in the centre of Inverness.

Jamie’s passionately committed to helping people get fit and improve their lifestyles: “I know the benefits that being fitter, stronger and healthier can have, so I want to help as many people as I can to achieve that. People won’t just look and feel better- it can add years to their lives too.”As you visit ‘Jamie Tulloch PT (Personal Fitness Trainer)’, you may find interest in following listings . . .

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