Cluny House Gardens

Address Cluny House Gardens, Perthshire PH15 2JT, Scotland, UK
Telephone: +44 (1887) 820795

Explore this magical woodland garden and discover some of Perthshire’s most fascinating plants and wildlife. The garden was created by Bobby and Betty Masterton. When they arrived in the 1950s there were a few trees – conifers, beeches and oak, but more notably the two magnificent Wellingtonias you can see today. One of them is Britain’s widest conifer, with a girth of 11 metres. Although over 150 years old, these natives of North America are still youngsters as the trees can live for a thousand years.

The Mastertons had a particular interest in Himalayan plants which thrive in the garden’s perfect conditions. Many of the seeds they grew are now large trees, such as the Tibetan cherry, notable for its mahogany peeling bark. Perennials that flourish here include lilies (including some over 4m high) and Meconopsis (blue poppy). Since 1987 the garden has been cared for by their daughter Wendy and her husband John Mattingley.

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