Auckengill – Harbour Broch

Just before the Northlands Viking Centre there is a sign pointing down towards the sea, marked Harbour Broch. Follow the road to the parking area at the bottom. Here you will find a small harbour, a picnic area and a broken down “folly”. The folly was built by local sculpture John Nicolson.

Unfortunately it is not well looked after. However, there is a gate and path to another “folly” also created by John Nicolson. This one is in slightly better condition, but no signs to say what it is.

Auckengill - Harbour Broch

The good news is, that, behind this – toward the sea, you will just be able to make out a path which has been worn into the long grass – here you will find the real treasure – hidden in the long grass is a broch consisting of three concentric circles – it has been excavated and would be impressive if you could see what it was!

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